D365FO Bound Grid Control

The standard grid that comes with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations can't be easily customized and has no available source code. We've created a special purpose replacement grid that is faster and that can be customized for your exact needs. Our grid can handle hierarchical, master/details and crosstab grids. It has a lot of features that the standard grid does not support.

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Faster than the standard grid control

The control is much faster than the standard grid control that comes with D365. The user can scroll through large lists quickly without having to apply a filter. Notice the speed at which we can scroll through the entire global address book.

Supports slanted headings

Supports several types of slanted headings: right 45 degrees, center 90 degrees or left 45 degrees. With rotated heading text the control also supports these text alignment options: left, center, right, top, middle and bottom.

Coding is optional

You can use the D365 Bound Grid control in most scenarios without ever having to write X++ code.

D365FO Bound Grid Control Trial Version

The D365FO Bound Grid Control includes a Visual Studio demo solution that demonstrates several usage scenarios. After downloading the component you can follow these installations instructions and this getting started guide. The complete documentation is available here. If you require any assistance, experience problems or if you have questions or comments send us an e-mail to Please specify the version you are using. Our regular support services include answering questions about the existing functionality of our component, small code snippets, general suggestions and expedited bug fixing. Regular support requires competency in the technology and development environment being used (Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Visual Studio and X++).