ActiveGantt is a Gantt chart / scheduler control that you can use to add advanced Gantt chart or scheduling capabilities to your application.

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ActiveGanttVC is written in Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC. The demo includes on-line programmer's documentation and a demo project in Visual C++. The MFC library versions are statically linked, so the component requires no runtime files. This version is compatible with Microsoft Access and most OLE control containers. This control is intended for the majority of programmers that need to have an ActiveX control and are programming in languages different to .NET (unmanaged code).


ActiveGanttJQW is written in JavaScript using JQuery and some new features of HTML5. You can use it with ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails and any web server or service that supports Ajax calls. ActiveGanttJQW includes a demo application written in JavaScript and JQuery. ActiveGanttJQW works in Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers in PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones and has been tested in Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.