Boötes Real Estate Listing Management System

Pricing starts at $250/Month (USD) and includes a D1 Shared App Service on Azure and a B Azure SQL 2GB Database.

REWGN Realtors LLC is our English language sample demonstration company. will give you a sense of what the Boötes Real Estate Management System is all about, from a customer’s perspective. For a more in depth look at the administrative aspects of the system you can request a free trial.

An Advanced Real Estate Listing Software in the Cloud.

Technology evolves and changes fast. You need to stay current and at the same time improve overall office productivity without losing focus on what your bottom line really is: scheduling open houses, arranging appointments, closing sales and drawing up contracts. Is the money and time invested in tinkering with templates or managing website software development projects driving your profits down? You can outsource all your real estate listing needs now.

The Boötes Real Estate Listing Management System is an exclusive fully featured web content management system designed from the ground up with the realty business in mind. In the front end it has all the features you've come to expect from a real estate website and more.

Boötes Real Estate Listing Management System Screenshots

The system is customer oriented. Our enhanced listing search means less typing, less selection from comboboxes and absolute precision in the database. The system keeps track of past information and can present this information to the user in a summarized form: cost per square foot, median prices in the neighborhood, all the statistics your customers need to consider when investing in real estate. It also displays financial simulators to help your customers calculate mortgage payments.

Customers are able to maintain a list of their favorites so that they can schedule or reschedule appointments with your agents using the internet or mobile devices. And for added convenience customers can register using their Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft account.

Portal Integration

You can create articles in the content management system and have these articles indexed in the major search engines and portals. Articles focusing on home decoration/repair, tips on buying or selling a house, housing market trends, will attract more visitors to your webpage. You will also be able to monetize your investment in our system by charging for ads or listings.

Your real estate listing website will live in a cloud computing environment, which means that whenever there is a spike in visitor traffic the environment will automatically allocate more computing power and resources to meet the demand. No more unresponsive pages. Your website can now grow as fast as your business.

There's absolutely no branding on our side whatsoever, your system will use your internet domain, your existing web site design and your corporate image. And you can change them whenever you like. And we will customize your front end user experience.

In Boötes we're all about Service. You won’t be just another number, we will get to know you personally and know what your company is all about. Our knowledgeable staff is completely committed to providing the best service in the business. In Boötes we're different, we listen and we understand. You will never be put aside, your issues will be thoroughly examined and all your queries will be answered promptly.

Migration from your existing website will be handled by an experienced staff member so that you will rapidly implement your web site design and not lose any incoming traffic. We'll guide you through every process on a personal level.

We’ll manage the positioning in the major search engines so that customers can easily find your listings. We’ll also keep track of your website, and alert you if we ever find a problem with your content.

Boötes has an ad-free real estate portal that is there to help you get more exposure and drive more traffic to your site. The portal will also provide you with leads as they start coming in.

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